Fayston School

The School on German Flats Road

The school was built in 1962, for $50,000, by an all woman school board, composed of Erlene Bragg, Augusta Graves and Hanne Williams. It consisted of 2 classrooms, a multi-purpose room and a kitchen, employing 2 teachers and a cook, for a student enrollment of 24.

In 1972, the town meeting had to be held at Glen Ellen, due to the construction at the school, entailing the addition of a gymnasium/multi-purpose room and a larger kitchen.

When I began teaching at Fayston in 1978, there were still only 3 classroom teachers, with Gail Breslauer as the Teaching Principal. We built the Nature Trail that year.

In 1980 the addition renovation by Art Lowe, radically changed the appearance of the school. A kindergarten, library and offices were added, the outside was renewed with cedar shakes, and a tower was constructed, soon to house the infamous bell donated by Sewall Williams.

Robert Stanton became our first full time principal in 1984. A teachers' room and nurse's office were added in 1986, followed by the larger renovation and addition by Black River Design in 1992.

This project, saw the old gymnasium transformed into two classrooms, and the kitchen into a resource room. New spaces included the current art/music room, the front offices and a larger kitchen and gymnasium.

The school has grown in many ways, besides the expansion of its walls, and it's been a wonderful experience to watch this happen.

Written by Carla Kotas Lewis

3/4 Grade Teacher • Retired in 2019